Tiahart Briards

Let us tell you a bit about the Briards

        The  Briard is a French shepherd dog used to herd and guard the flock.






Briards are called the clowns of the dogworld. They are very loyal and trustworthy, it is said that if a Briard escapes the backyard, you will find him laying at your front door, hence the nickname of French doormat.

The Briard is gay and lively, they enjoy life and show it (full on).
They are very affectionate and are happiest lying at or on your feet.The Briard will follow you everywhere,even to the bathroom,because of this they are largely an indoor dog.They are excellent guard-dogs but not vicious.

 Adult Briards are very tolerant and enjoy children of all ages however care should be taken with toddlers as puppies can be boisterous.
 When you bring your Briard puppy home you can start his training!it is by gentle handling,gentle treatment,pleasant and consistent orders , that one can make this wonderful friend do the extremely intelligent deeds , of which he is capable . It is also important to socialize your puppy to get him used to many different situations and people ,puppy pre school would be excellent.Always reward your puppy for good deeds and try to ignore the bad deeds.





 Grooming your Briard can be enjoyable for you and your dog as long as you start as soon as you bring your puppy home.

You will need a good pin brush,a soft slicker ,a boar bristle
brush and a wide tooth comb, lay the puppy on his side and gently start brushing making sure you brush to the skin ,sprits
the coat with water or a coat dressing while brushing,you can check the skin at the same time to make sure it looks healthy,
Try brushing daily until the pup enjoys it ,then a good grooming weekly is fine.When the coat grows you will need to spend 1-2 hours grooming your Briard to keep the coat in beautiful condition, As they have no doggy odour you do not have to bathe him often.